Portfolio – Commercial Interior Design

Portfolio – Commercial Interior Design Projects

High quality design paired with the maintenance of a space is the basis for all of our commercial interior design projects. When it comes to our commercial division, Harker Design works to address the durability and longevity of every single detail. This includes attention to lighting, furnishings, finishes, carpets, cabinetry and beyond. It is important to our team to deliver a final product that is beautiful and unique yet functional and long-lasting.

We begin commercial work with researching and exploring the business; its day to day needs, the type of environment needed and the goals and desires of the ownership. The difference between residential and commercial is that not only do you have to please the client, but you have to engage and support the clients’ future customers as well as employees. Often times that means anticipating the needs of the potential clientele and staff who will be utilizing the space as waiting rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, locker rooms, desks, pool decks, shopping environments etc. Our commercial design capabilities are not limited to interiors as we often form the exterior, architecture and store front. From the paint color of the building to the fabric of covered pergolas on a deck; designers choose and guide these fine yet incredibly important details.

The challenge of creating a space that not only caters to the management needs but to the clients’ visual appetite is no easy task. Integrating quality design that survives heavy usage and maintenance requires a timeless style that supports the endurance of the public space. An ability to manage all of these moving parts combined with an understanding of the exterior location results in the successful completion of a commercial job. Harker’s designers excel at residential creation but excel at performing commercial design projects, whether it be in the luxury country club market, retail spaces, clothing stores or doctor offices.