Portfolio – Residential Interior Design

Portfolio – Residential Interior Design Projects

When perusing photos of past Harker residential interior design jobs, you will not find one particular style or design repeated. As an interior design firm we feel that each project should be based 100% on the needs and wants of our clients. The client’s aesthetic desire balanced with their lifestyle and woven together with the expertise of our team drives each process and eventually the final product.

Warmth and character is the consistent thread through all of our residential interior design projects. Careful selection of antiques, new items and chosen pieces important to our clients breathes life into each room and every home that we craft.

Whether we complete a full design of a mountain modern home tucked into the valley of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to a re-design at a high end loft in Salt Lake City, Utah; the exterior environment as it relates to the livable space of a family is always a priority. If you seek an experience that can be collaborative, exciting and truly enjoyable for your next home, a re-design for your current dwelling or perhaps assistance in choosing new pieces to update a space, Harker Design will not disappoint.

Our extensive list of vendors as well as access to our own manufacturer means that we truly can find the perfect pieces to outfit your interiors. Our commitment to quality determines the longevity and durability of your home and the items in it. The best testimonial of all for our residential division is that of repeat clients. A majority of our clients continue to find success with us as they purchase new residences here in our home region of Wyoming Idaho and Utah and beyond. We have and continue to travel nationally and internationally to assist people in the delicate and imperative art of designing their home.