BLOG: Maui Penthouse Project Feature

Maui Penthouse Project Feature bedroom

2 coral bed frames sit opposite a blue/green chest with turtle handles, giving this room a sense of fun with a resort feel.

Designing a client’s primary home requires an understanding and investigation into their everyday lives. When it comes to creating a repeat client’s vacation home we are able to see and discover another side of their aesthetic. A side that implores comfort, relaxation and the sense of luxury that is island living. The Hawaiian Island of Maui is the epitome of island life, with pristine beaches, crystal clear water, vibrant flowers and lush jungles set against the backdrop of ancient volcanic mountains. This dramatic contrast in landscape is the inspiration for one of our favorite vacation homes.

Maui Penthouse Project Feature porch master bath

Master Bathroom is clean, bright and crisp. Vivid wood grains and white granite counters provide beach inspired textures.

As a remodel, floor plans were used remotely as a fresh look at the area and helped in maximizing the potential creative influence. Architectural changes were made to assist in opening the space. With the help of a contractor and the input of our client, only one trip to the location was needed for delivery and completion. Attention to the scale of the furniture was not only necessary for the limited square footage but for installation as well; every item needed to fit into the elevator. All details, art, furniture, cabinetry, lighting etc. were determined ahead of schedule to make way for a smooth and swift install.

The great room windows, yielding stellar views of the ocean, were undoubtedly the centerpiece of this beach escape. So it was important that the furnishings be airy and bright with a feel of luxury without being too stark. Soft, live-able upholstery with varying neutral tones and yellows helps to accomplish this. The blending of colors helps support the sense of coziness that our client expected. A bleached walnut coffee table and dimensional custom corner piece juxtaposes the cozy seating area well.

Maui Penthouse Project Feature great room

When purchasing a home in the endless summer that is Maui’s forecast, the outdoor spaces are as equally as important as the interior. This beautiful lanai on the 4th floor seemingly floats above the waves. The choice to use wicker comes from its ability to perform in humid climates and the high-end upholstery supports its already comfortable nature. Subtle iron tables and simplicity of fabric allows the natural beauty of the exterior to take the lead.

Maui Penthouse Project Feature porch

Given the warm beach climate, the kitchen was designed to be bright and easily cleaned. Included, but not shown here, are all of the conveniences of high quality cabinetry including drawer inserts and pan dividers. This small kitchen required every inch be made usable and functional.

Maui Penthouse Project Feature kitchen

Design for us, no matter the location, is intriguing. But to join a client on their journey of finding their solace in an island escape is a real treat. Reasons, in which this particular client chose Maui as another home, are the same reasons why we find so much inspiration here. It embodies the natural beauty, the warmth, the visceral undercurrent of local culture and the lavish appeal that we all desire. Thanks for joining us. We hope you enjoyed the discussion of this Maui Penthouse Project Feature.

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