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Perfectly Placed not only describes the physical location of this centrally located, downtown, Jackson Hole loft. Perfectly Placed also refers to the well utilized spacing of items and furnishings within.

perfectly placed, interior design wyoming, lamp

Pair the objects down to the smallest of details and you can see that the angle and position of the smallest of items is well thought out and helps to complete the overarching design. Birch branches and aspen trees throughout the property provide a fresh and obviously rustic allure. The layering of the physical branches into the visual photography creates a sense of depth and satisfaction.

perfectly placed, interior design wyoming, greenery

The pops of color and greenery help to contrast the soft ivory woods. Glass candle holders with a bit of shimmer add just enough luxury to make our clients feel sophisticated in their destination space.

perfectly placed, interior design wyoming, stitched chair

The importance of well-planned and picked items was integral to making this space feel warm and comfortable to our clients, but it was also essential to uphold the style and design through the course of luxury renting. Linen slip covers on the dining room chairs contribute to cleanliness and longevity. While a western rope detail up the spine is a playful take on Wyoming ranch life.

perfectly placed, interior design wyoming, living room

Calm and cozy seating was the name of the game in the living room. Carefully chosen fabrics for the upholstery, throw pillows, and blankets all culminate to form an open and inviting common space. Instead of placing furniture in a way that directs attention to the entertainment center, every seat is placed in a way that welcomes views from the surrounding Jackson Hole buttes and ridges.


perfectly placed, interior design wyoming, distressed horns

The floor plan, although modest in square footage, boasts many nods to the rustic qualities that make Jackson Hole so unique. Earth tones, vivid textures and western art fill the home cleanly. With something as strong and striking as an antler mount, it becomes clear that variations on a theme work best. Instead of adorning every wall with a different skull, deviation of antler-esque mediums became necessary. A mount above the fireplace highlights the plank art in the hallway as it also mimics the small cluster of antique antlers in the kitchen. Just enough, without being overwhelming.

perfectly placed, interior design wyoming, skull

Selecting items with a specific atmosphere in mind is just a start to great design. Understanding and calculating how those items, big and small, will fill the space, is a whole other thing. When a space requires luxury and comfort for home owners, as well as the maintenance to endure traffic, every single item within must honor those requirements. Being specific and intentional about spacing and placement in a home is pivotal and will always ensure a lasting design.

photos by Mike Terry

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